Sunday 13 November 2016

The Inspiration

For a while now, I have been remembering the good times in high school where I used to enjoy the fictitious composition writing that always made me express my innermost feelings and appreciate the beauty of life through writing.

With the advent and appreciation of social media, I can only imagine how much resourceful we could be if we took off time to share our life experiences, expertise, and knowledge with people out there. In one way or another this would truly impact on the lives of people somewhere in the world in a very positive way we may not have even thought about.

Today, I am inspired to blog because of travelling to so many different areas through the lens of others, learning one or two new things because others took their time to put together their experiences. This journey for me has just began today. I draw my inspiration from several colleagues and friends from whom  I have learnt the so much in the areas of interest which in a way has made me more relevant to society. Kennedy Odokonyero, a frequent insightful blogger at his is one such kind of person. And then there is wonderful lady I have never met yet her articles are so soul reaching at her blog. You will definately know what I am talking about when you spend a few minutes on these blogs.

As an aspiring pharmacist with a passion for clinical pharmacy, I have got the chance to learn more about the challenges in the many Ugandan hospitals in as far aspects of clinical pharmacy is concerned, and the strides that Ugandan pharmacy fraternity has made to contribute to the betterment of health care through the eyes of this wonderful Professor, Professor KarenBeth Bohan in her blog. She has chronicled her experiences and endeavours in regard to practice of clinical pharmacy in Uganda. These insights you would not want to miss if you truly share the burning desire to provide a holistic  pharmaceutical care wherever you maybe. In their footsteps, I am inclined to follow.

Join me on this journey of  sharing experience, advocating for health equity and social justice, and exploring the practice of clinical pharmacy practice in Uganda.


  1. I am glad to know that I have inspired you to start blogging. All the best!

  2. brother we are right with you just keep up the spirit, keep the fire burning

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I will hopefully take off again. Through writing, we can surely tell our stories. Kg don't tell our stories, who will